Join Sweden: Behind the scenes of Sweden’s green momentum

Sweden’s climate-smart, system-wide solutions for going green and digital are attracting the international spotlight. But how can other countries tap into the momentum and join Sweden on its mission? Listen in as Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, and Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson share their inside perspectives.

South Korean Sono Group establishes a brand new concept on the High Coast

At Business Sweden, we see a substantial increase from foreign investors to invest in Swedish tourism. Swedes are considered early adopters and open to new trends. When Sono Group made an enquiry about building a new resort on the High Coast, the region turned to Business Sweden to help develop the relationship.

Unleashing AI's potential with innovative data use, collaboration, and bold thinking

To build a future that delivers smart society solutions, we need to leverage the power of data and digital technology. Sweden has emerged as an innovation test bed for AI, edge learning, and more, and this is driving collaboration and growth. Listen to insights from Business Sweden’s DigiTech investment expert Alexander Morrone and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, project manager for The Data Factory at AI Sweden.

How Sweden is shaping the future of mobility

The transition to electrified transport – from cars and trucks to aviation – is forging ahead in Sweden, coupled with rapid advances in autonomous driving and shared mobility. Listen in as Martin Jönsson from Business Sweden provides a glimpse of the latest developments in this podcast episode.


It may come as a surprise, but getting airplanes to fly carbon-free is a secondary challenge for the aviation industry. Get the inside story from Ulf Ruderbark at Business Sweden and Maria Fiskerud, Sustainability Manager at BRA – both interviewed in this podcast episode.

The Biden effect, Silicon slopes and green energy

The US is a key market for many Swedish companies as Sweden’s largest export market outside of Europe. Tobias Glitterstam, Regional Manager Americas, talks about the latest trends, such as The Biden effect, Buy American, the Green transition and the opportunities that come with these trends.

A progressive life science ecosystem accelerating connected health

Utilsing data, technology, R&D, and innovation is at the heart of Sweden’s life science ecosystem, all with the ambition to develop world-leading precision and preventative healthcare solutions. In this podcast, Business Sweden’s life science program manager Britta Stenson and Maria Bäcklund-Hassel from the Swedish eHealth Agency explore the potential of connected health and explain how data is driving change and improvements across the life science ecosystem.

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Sustainable Mining Championing a greener future for mining

可持续采矿的真正含义是什么? In this podcast episode our mining expert Manik Karn outlines how the global mining sector is becoming greener – with a little help from Sweden’s technology pioneers and sustainability specialists.

Nordic battery cluster powering Europe and beyond

Building a sustainable battery ecosystem is one of the greatest puzzles of our time; but the Nordics are swiftly putting the pieces together to create a battery ecosystem that is setting global standards. Robin Petersson, Program Manager for Smart Energy gives insights into Sweden’s lead and the potential for international investment and partnerships.

Smart Industry – how Sweden paves the way for change

Why is it profitable today to establish production facilities and make products in Sweden? What are Sweden’s key strengths as global manufacturing goes digital? Get all the answers in this podcast episode where Klas Ericson, 商业日博备用网站的项目经理, outlines the opportunities ahead in the shift toward green and digitally powered manufacturing.

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Africa free trade agreement signals a new era for growth

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) brings together 54 nations, 1.4 billion people and six of the fastest growing economies in the world under one trade agreement. In this episode, Andreas Giallourakis, Market Area Director Africa and Trade Commissioner for Business Sweden in Nairobi discusses the scope of the agreement and what it means for Swedish companies in healthcare, consumer and retail, manufacturing, industry, and infrastructure.

Preparing for a reshaped world

A long road to recovery lies ahead despite promising news of effective vaccines. In this episode, Business Sweden’s VP APAC David Hallgren explains the strategic tools and tactics that business leaders need to adopt to tackle uncertainty in export markets.

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Radical change ahead in the automotive industry

Developments in the automotive industry are moving at an unprecedented pace. The impact of this cannot be underestimated with the industry providing jobs to 13.欧洲有800万人口,代表6.1% of total EU employment.

Doing business with the global public sector

Growth, digitalisation and climate change are the basis for today's investment in infrastructure around the world. 这对发展提出了新的要求, which opens up business opportunities in the public sector internationally. Only available in Swedish.

The key to B2B success in China

In this episode we focus on how to succeed with business to business in China. 日博备用网站已经迅速数字化, and the game rules differ from those normally used by Swedish companies. Only available in Swedish.