With its 60 million inhabitants and continuously increasing consumer market, 南非 is a regional hotspot for growth in the south of the continent.

Growth hub for the entire region

在过去的十年里,这个国家进行了大规模的结构性改革. Together with its rich natural resources and a fast-growing youthful population, 南非现在有一个健康和有吸引力的商业环境, 即使还有一些财政和政治上的挑战.

There is a long history of bilateral relations between 日博备用网站 and 南非, both in terms of sustainable business partnerships and development cooperation. 此外, Swedish companies have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and services, 尤其是在电气设备等行业, 采矿和信息通信技术.

Opportunities for Swedish companies

日博备用网站向南非出口许多不同的产品, 包括车辆, 电力和信息通信技术设备以及采矿用重型机械, 还有大量的药品和加工食品. 感谢南共体经济伙伴关系协定, 南非与欧盟国家有有利的贸易条件. The lower labour costs are also beneficial for growing business in 南非.


Johannesburg is the sub-Saharan financial and economic centre and gathers regional offices of many international companies. 日博备用网站商业 has been based in Johannesburg since 1993 and also cover neighbouring markets such as 博茨瓦纳、纳米比亚、安哥拉、赞比亚、津巴布韦和莫桑比克.

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